Today is the last day of the Blogtown Flash Food Drive to benefit Oregon Food Bank. I'll be collecting your non-perishable food items at the Mercury office (601 NE 21st, right behind Club 21 on Sandy) until the absolute last minute of our business hours at 5:30pm.

After I was hired last March, I really didn't realize what a huge role Blogtown would play in my work at the Mercury. Since then, I've realized Blogtown is one of the most vital and energetic ways that we connect with readers: we vet the interweb detritus to bring you the most hilarious memes; we provide you with up to the minute news and a forum to kvetch about the portrayal of said news; we provide information on Portland arts, food, and music; we supply you with pictures of cats, and we allow you a forum to vent your vitriol (sometimes about cats). I, personally, love your vitriol. No joke.

But I was wondering... If Blogtown is such a dynamic force of fun and communication, can it also be used as a force of good and charity? The Flash Food Drive is my little experiment to see if it's possible. So far, a small number of you have stepped up to donate (in some cases very generously). But I'm wondering if there are more of you creative, funny, thoughtful, pretty, handsome and bemused Blogtownies out there who can chip in.

So I make this call: If you've ever written a critical comment on a Matt Davis or Amy Ruiz post--donate! If you've ever thrilled to the whimsical blog stylings of Wm. Steven Humphrey--donate! If you've ever made a boozy goodness cocktail--donate! If you've ever bopped around your cubicle to an End Hits mp3 stream--donate! If you've ever said "awww" to one of Alison's cat posts--donate! If you've ever geeked out with Earnest "Nex" Cavalli, or Erik Henriksen--donate! If you've ever coveted a belt on MOD--donate!

If you all came in with three cans, we could feed quite a lot of folks!

Okay, by Friday I will be done with the Sally Struthers shtick and back to writing posts about testicle cookbooks and woolly mammoth regeneration. But I hope you'll stop in today and help fill our office with goodness. We'll give you all kinds of ridiculous shchwag in return. Hell, I'm throwing in some awesome coupons for Cinnabon! Cinnabon fer chrissakes!

Come on Blogtown, let's feed some people!