The day after tomorrow is Black Friday, but there's really no telling how black retailers books will get. With spending down and an abysmal economy, it will be interesting to see just how crammed those parking lots will be at 6am.

Let's travel back in time with YouTube, to a more optimistic America, when the future held financial possibility, every Christmas was merry and bright, and Nintendo 64 was king. I know this is a moldy oldy in terms of viral video, but I have a made it a holiday tradition--much like watching A Christmas Story on Thanksgiving Day. Plus, it's gained new relevance in my life, as I suspect I see something of a young Earnest "Nex" Cavalli in this exited young man. Let's roll the tape.

ITS A NINTENDO SIXT... remote control car...

If only my wife Kitty would have this reaction about the coal I keep putting in her stocking every year. I mean, hey, fossil fuels aint cheap!