Lest I be accused of being an oppressor who, WORSE, doesn't unconditionally support the local arts scene, I will let this project speak for itself.

CoG presents, Denial of Self, a play for you, about you, made by you via this wiki. Only you can prevent narcissism! This project is negotiating the intersections of shadows (puppetry), line (aerial/acrobatic performance) and color (visual projections), and humanity (theatre). It also borders the ideas of right and wrong, good and bad, light and dark, seriousness and humor, public and private.The play will explore Narcissistic Personality Disorder and the devastating effects of cultural narcissism as well as the interrelation of narcissism, war, corporations, bigotry, and consumerism, while dancing through with the joy and possibility of Clowns and Puppets. This work is being created publicly via this online wiki, where CoG will also be accepting contributions to the work through Activities which will be used in the formation of the content, masks, and puppets. Cog's Goal is to create theatre for the people by the people!

Opens Thursday at the IFCC. My will to live is literally not strong enough to survive seeing this show (I'll stick with Altar Boyz, thank you), but if anyone goes, pleeeeease send me your thoughts.