Yahoo! has posted their top searches for 2008 (never mind that there's still nearly a full month left in the year) and therefore it must certainly be an entirely accurate representation of what's on the world's collective mind. You'll be pleased to see that information on Britney Spears and pro wrestling is much more sought after--and, therefore, more important--than anything regarding this year's historic election, or the Olympics, or anything pertaining to the economy or energy. Let's take a look at the list:

1. Britney Spears (she's still got it!)
2. WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)
3. Barack Obama (our nation's first African American president, and the winner of the most media-saturated campaign in history comes in at a disappointing #3)
4. Miley Cyrus
5. "RuneScape" (Not sure what this is. A game, right?)
6. Jessica Alba
8. Lindsay Lohan (still?)
9. Angelina Jolie
10. American Idol (sigh...)
Oh well. I suppose it's not Yahoo's fault. This isn't any more edifying (can anyone tell me what a toven specimen is?).