Actually, there are TWO important Mercury Online Charity Auction updates!

UPDATE #1! Did you know that the auction will be over and all bidding will stop at 5 pm tomorrow (Friday, Dec 12)? So… BEWARE! Make sure to bid high and fast, because your competitors will be sneaking in at the last second tomorrow to steal your booty! (Plus all the proceeds goes to Portland Women's Crisis Line—another good reason to bid big!)

UPDATE #2! The problem with dealing with eBay is that they're a bunch of goddamn prudes, and deleted our CLONE-A-WILLY EXTRAVAGANZA package from their site without warning. Then, when we tried to list the package in their adult section, they were charging our bidders $5 each just to prove they were of legal age! As Gov. Blagojevich would say, "THAT'S BULLSHIT. FUCK THOSE FUCKERS."
That's why we're pulling the Clone-A-Willy package off their site, and will be holding a super special Blogtown Speed Auction tomorrow (Friday, Dec 12) at 3 pm! Tune in right here tomorrow at 3, for all the fun details! We're going to auction this package off if it kills us!!