We just received this email:

My name is Greg Gallant a.k.a. T-1-11 I have posted my Grandmothers cryogenic Toad slide show online. I hope you guys enjoy it. There is an embeding link on the site.

And from the site:

In 1972 Dorothy, Hank and Denise Gallant of Minneapolis, Mn looked at the pet Toads in their farmhouse kitchen and said "hey lets freeze them and make a slide show movie!". Hank made the sets and hand carved the set pieces. Dorothy made clothes. Denise helped with the Toad wrangling and sound engineering. Once the script was written the toads were taken out of the freezer and posed for "lights, camera, action!"

Dorothy Gallant's Toad Tales from Greg Gallant on Vimeo.

This is exactly why those Keep Portland Weird folks don't do it for me. Ostentatious manifestations of "weirdness" (duct-taping doll arms to the handlebars of your tallbike) are invariably so much less interesting than the weirdnesses people get up to in private.