Gridlock: The auto industry bailout fails in the Senate, after Republicans and Dems can't agree over steep cuts in union pay. The White house says it might bail them out anyway, using dollarz from the big financial bailout package.

Torture Was Rumsfeld's Fault: After an 18-month investigation, the Senate Armed Services Committee directly blames Rummy for abuse at Abu Ghraib.

He Can Do That? Yesterday known animal-hater George W. Bush rewrote the Endangered Species Act to exclude things like recognizing the impact of global warming on polar bears and government review of logging.

Somewhat Smarter than Bush: While he's hacking away at environmental protections, California passes the country's toughest air pollution law, which should create thousands of jobs.

"End the police terrorism!": Athens, Greece has been batshit crazy all week as thousands of pretty badass youths protesting police gun use and gov't economic policy have clashed with the cops.

Fred Meyer: Highly Suspicious. Three Freddie's employees allege sexual harassment and retaliation and the grocery store chain settles out of court.

Bettie Page: Dead! Now you're drooling over pictures of a dead woman.