It's Snowing Money! Bush approves the $17.4 billion "emergency loans" to automakers.

Truce on Ice: The six-month ceasefire between Hamas and Israel has frayed and fallen apart amid increasing rocket attacks.

Cold Shoulder: Rather than pushing the "change" image, Obama's transition team is full of a lot of Washington regulars.

Icy Hearts: Taliban fighters blow up a truck of Christmas turkeys bound for troops in Afghanistan.

Abomidable: Three months ago, Zimbabwe's paranoid dictator Mugabe promised to share power with opposition parties. Instead he's arresting them.

Icy Hand of Death: Thirty four years after he helped bring down Nixon and save both democracy and investigative journalism, Deep Throat dies. The Washington Monument will surely be renamed in his honor.

Slippery Slope: OHSU execs agree to a pay cut to help balance the recession-drained budget. On the other hand, local libraries are getting a big boost in use.