Wait… MORE SNOW?! On the upside, Santa reports he will still deliver toys tonight—that is, if Les Schwab still has any chains in stock.

Trimet Update:

# MAX Blue Line: Blue Line trains are running every 15 minutes along the entire alignment from Hatfield Government Station to Cleveland Ave Station.
# MAX Red Line: Red Line trains are running between Gateway Transit Center and the airport. To get to the airport, you can catch any Blue Line train and transfer to the Red Line at Gateway. Traveling from the airport, transfer to a Blue Line train at Gateway.
# MAX Yellow Line: Yellow Line trains are not running at this time, but shuttle buses are serving all stations on the Yellow Line between Rose Quarter and the Expo Center every 15 minutes. Riders traveling to the Yellow Line can board any Blue Line train and transfer to a shuttle bus at Rose Quarter.
# Buses: Bus service is limited due to weather conditions. Some lines have been canceled and others are running on snow routes, but buses are arriving every 15 minutes on most lines. Check the Service Alerts page for details about your bus line, or view a map of today's service.

Two people are in critical condition after de-icing fumes were sucked into an Alaska Airlines jet at Sea-Tac airport. Still rushing to get on that plane?

President-elect Obama's internal review discovers that only Rahm Emanuel carried on conversations with Gov. Blagojevich— and only to share his own variations on the word "fuck," such as "fuck-a-doodle-doo."

America's recession deepens with unemployment claims reaching a 26-year high. Ho, ho, ho?

And if the snow starts to get you down, just remember there are things in this world that makes everything right again… such as RUN DMC's 1987 "Christmas in Hollis." Happy holidays, one and all!