ISRAEL RECONSIDERS CEASEFIRE!!! Now that it's busted the crap out of Gaza, that is...

AFGHANISTAN FOR SALE!!! Nearly everything can be bought there, for a price, according to a new investigative report by the New York Times.

WACKO JACKO IS PUT IN THE SHADE!!! Hold on...isn't he, like, dead?


WINDING DOWN AT BUSH RANCH!!! George leaves Crawford for his last time as President.

OBAMA GETS TO WORK!!! Can't we just inaugurate the dude already?

REPUBLICANS FLEE D.C!!! They've got better places to be...

CITIGROUP FREEZES EXPENSE ACCOUNTS!!! The government bailout comes with strings attached, thank goodness.

DARK KNIGHT TAKES $1BN!!! Making it the biggest grossing movie of 2008.

Good day.