From the horse's mouth:

Morning everybody, last Wednesday I notified the Police Bureau that I would be retiring on January 30th. We are posting my job today and Chief Sizer is beginning the process of selecting my replacement. I believe Chief Sizer hopes to select the person and have them in the office during the week of January 19th, so we can begin the transition.

While I will not get to choose my replacement I have told Chief Sizer that the person must by grumpy, willing to laugh at you to your face instead of behind your back, in a twelve step program for something or willing to join one after they have the pager for a few months, and concerned about the carbon footprint of the media. I will bring my replacement around for the official meet and greet as soon as they get here.

Schmautz has accepted a job with Clackamas County, as an investigator for the District Attorney's office there, coordinating crime scenes. Good luck to him. And let's hope the next PIO is as fun to annoy as Schmautz was.