Thanks to the web-based application Text-to-Movie, available on the Xtranormal website, I am now an excellent director of animated features. How did I do it? Well, first you need to write a script.

Here is the marvelous and compelling script I wrote, based on a real conversation that happened today at the Mercury office.

X: I want soup for lunch.
Y: I prefer chowder.
X: No! Soup is better, dummy.
Y: In fact, you could even call me a "chowder head." Ha ha ha!
X: Shut up, chowder dick.

Then all you do is enter your script into the little boxes, choose the actors, select some camera angles, and add a pre-selected soundtrack (I choose "Funky guitar high hat.") And voila! After a few minutes of such clicking, here is my masterpiece:

It's that easy! Move over, Pixar. Click here to make your own! (In order to "publish" your movie and have others see it, you will need to register w/your email address.)

(Link via Metafilter.)