Say what you will about Tillamook cheese (I've heard plenty), they've been an economic force in and out of Oregon for ohhh... 100 years now! Yes, I know there are small artisan cheese producers in the state that can outdo Tillamook. But when I'm at the grocery store and I don't have a huge wad of cash to plop down on some local artisan cheddar, I'll lower my sights a tad and pick up a Tillamook baby-loaf before I reach for anything from Kraft. Plus, the Tillamook County Creamery Association, which produces Tillamook products, is a farmer-owned cooperative supporting 120 Oregon dairy farmers.

Tillamook cheese is celebrating the hell out of its 100th anniversary this year, as they should be. If I live to be 100, I'll be celebrating too. To mark the occasion they've released a damn fine cookbook that is both beautiful and full of delicious recipes. In fact, for Christmas, we worked through a very simple au gratin potato recipe, which produced the hit dish for the evenings dinner.

I just happen to have an extra copy of that cookbook here in my office and I'm going to give it to the person who e-mails me the cheesiest pick-up line. I'll also throw in a little collectible cast iron Tillamook milk truck too.

Okay, be cheesy.


And we have a weenah! And it's Cory G.! Cory's line not only included cheese, but also a threatening tone that frightened me enough to award the prize.

But i would be remiss, if I did not include the following lines from the king of pun, and first runner-up, Mar-tin C.:

Let me introduce you to my pecorino.

If we did it on the Oregon Trail, baby, we'd totally Roquefort.

Hey baby, I camembert to live without you.

Good stuff, Mar-tin, good stuff...