You know there's something afoot when reporters from different outlets are talking to each other, trying to find out information. Well, it's happening this morning at city hall, where everybody's asking the same questions: Where's Sam Adams? Have you seen any city commissioners? Is there some kind of secret entrance to the building, we don't know about?
REPORTERS: Looking for answers...

Meanwhile, security inside the building is tight. They're only letting city hall staffers in, and even the Oregonian photographer has been kicked out. "We have an office in there," he said, talking with the people from FOX 12. "I don't know if we pay rent on it, or what. So now, instead of a shot of him coming into the building from inside, we're going to have a shot of him coming into the building from outside."

Outside, about 20 of those "let's make better mistakes tomorrow" stickers are stuck to the sidewalk:


Adams is due here at some point for one on one meetings with his fellow city commissioners, none of whom appear to be in their offices yet or have been seen outside. Then, at some unscheduled point, Adams is due to make an announcement about his decision. Could be today, could be tomorrow, could be next week. Meanwhile, the Mercury is off to buy smokes. And find that bat tunnel...

Update, 9:30am: The Mercury has learned that Adams' meetings with the commissioners are going to be taking place at 10am, 11am, and 1pm. Although there's still no sign of Portland's political Bruce Wayne.