24-year-old Erik Ayala left a note for his Milwuakie roommate Saturday in an envelope marked "OPEN ON SUNDAY," according to detectives, who released more information on the shooting at a 3pm press conference this afternoon.
AYALA: Left note...

"To my friends and family: I am sorry," read the note.

"And to my friend, [name redacted]," the note continued, "I am especially sorry. I know it's not much consolation but as my friend and roommate you are entitled to everything that I own. Maybe these things can bring in a few bucks. Good luck in this shitty world. Erik."

The note was accompanied by a check to Ayala's roommate, together with additional information listing his social security, bank account, alien number (police are still looking into Ayala's immigration status), ODL, and birthdate: 03-10-84. He also gave his Qwest login.

"My car is up to date with its maintenance," the note continued. "It just leaks a little oil. You can probably get at least 2.5 grand for it. It'll be somewhere downtown but I'm not sure where. I'm sure you'll get a letter about it soon."

The note went on to talk about Ayala's Playstation 3.

"You know my ps3 is special," it said. "Similar USED ps3s go for AT LEAST $450-$500. Our landlord guy wants a ps3 like mine. Let him know that $400 would be a GOOD deal. If he doesn't want it, format the drive by going to Settings>system Settings>Format Utility. You can say that it "comes with the latest firmware software" to help market it on the internet. In case you don't know, it's the special "100% backwards compatible" (60GB) ps3."

"I'm sorry to put all this on you buddy, good luck."

Ayala was initially thought to be dead in the street outside the Zone night club, said Detective Mark Slater, who said a 9mm semi-automatic Tanfoglio gun was retrieved, along with 7 shell casings, from the scene. While there were 9 victims, Ayala is alleged to have used ball ammunition, which may have travelled through one victim and into another.

Slater said a copy of the video game Grand Theft Auto 3 was found at Ayala's apartment, but said police were not pursuing the video games angle at this time. "There were a lot of video games in the apartment," Slater said. "Of a wide variety of the kind that you might find in any 24-year-old's apartment."

16-year-old Ashely Lauren Wilks was pronounced dead at the scene. The remaining victims, five females and three males, were taken to local hospitals. At the hospital, 17-year-old Martha "Tika" Paz De Noboa, of Peru, also died. Six victims are part of the Rotary Youth Exchange program, and are foreign exchange students. They include: 18-year-old Ana Zambrano Soledispa, from Ecuador, 18-year-old Gonzalo Vasquez Orozco, from Guatamala; 18-year-old Trista Chang, from Taiwan; a 16-year-old from Portland and 44-year-old Brad Yoast, general manager of a nearby establishment—it's rumored to be Kells.

"I've never seen anything like it in my 20 years of law enforcement," said Central Precinct Commander Mike Reese, describing the scene of the incident when he arrived on Saturday night.

"I hate to talk about what it's done to us personally at Rotary because obviously there are two dead, but one of the priorities is the safety of our students," said Scott Bieber, youth protection officer for Rotary International's 5100 district, which runs from SW Washington through to Northern Oregon, to Salem. "All of us who're parents worry about our kids when they go to the end of the block, let alone a foreign country. But at the same time I think everyone recognizes that this was a random incident."

Several people have said they saw signs that Ayala was depressed before the shooting. But there is no evidence to suggest that Ayala was involved in mental health treatment, or on any medication, according to detectives. Ayala had no criminal history. Detectives are asking for anyone who had contact with Ayala in the days before the shooting or with additional information to call 503 823 9319—particularly anyone with information on where Ayala may have obtained the gun.