posted by Arts Intern Matthew Vollono

Heads up all you fans of political humor: Calvin Trillin, the humorist who claims to believe in an “inclusive political system that prohibits from public office only those who names have awkward meter or are difficult to rhyme” will be reading at the Newmark Theatre tonight.

His latest book, Deciding the Next Decider is a collection of knee-slapping (yes, knee-slapping) poems detailing the months leading up to last year's Presidential election. It's chock-full of gems like this one about Ralph Nader:

As Daffodils Come Out in the Spring

So Nader’s going to run again
The Times put that on page fifteen.
There’s nothing that’s much sadder than
An ego trip that’s barely seen.

Here's hoping he's had time to write some some new material about recent news in Portland politics
(A Love Sonnet for Spring Chickens perhaps?....)

Tickets can be purchased here.