Or at least, someone claiming to be the masked biker, speaks! This is a rumor that's been doing the rounds for the last couple of weeks, that a masked bicyclist is riding around town, offering to repair flats and generally help out with bike problems, for free. Now, someone claiming to be the biker has posted on the Mercury's I Anonymous forum:

The Masked Biker

Yes, I am him. And I do exist. I simply extend a kind hand to those in need.

I know several people have benefited from my benevolence and have decided to blog about it. But I offer this ideal instead.

Reach out to others in need. Smile often and say "Hi" to people on the street. Be the act of kindness you'd like to receive. Wave at motorists who acknowledge you on your bike.

And if I do stop to offer assistance to you, please do not ask me my name. I prefer to remain anonymous.

Masked Biker!!! I actually do have a flat. The bike's here at the Mercury's offices. I won't ask your name. Promise.