For those who find quiet, back room solutions uninteresting...

NEWSPAPER STAFF STRIKE!!! Write the editor and managing editor of the Oregon Daily Emerald student paper:

The entire editorial staff of the Oregon Daily Emerald is on strike, effective at 6 a.m. Wednesday, March 4. The strike is in response to recent actions of the Emerald's Board of Directors, which oversees the entire Emerald organization. This is the last edition of the Emerald we will publish until the board meets the four demands the entire newsroom staff presented to the board at its executive session meeting last night. A copy of that speech can be found at the end of this article.

The unusual story has been picked up by the Poynter Institute this morning...more details as we get them.

MADE IN OREGON SIGN!!! Portland's city planners have recommended that the University of Oregon not be allowed to modify the iconic White Stag sign at the West end of the Burnside Bridge. But it's not up to them! The final decision will be made by the Historic Landmarks Commission on Monday at 1:30pm, and these bodies don't always listen to city recommendations. We'll be there.


KBOO GETS SUED!!! A former board member of KBOO is suing the radio station's board of directors for allegedly failing to follow proper board procedures. KBOO station manager Arthur Davis tells the Mercury: "The board doesn't feel that the suit has merit."

Now: Everybody just calm down.