"Dan is tough," said City Commissioner Randy Leonard, when I collared him coming out of Commissioner Dan Saltzman's office an hour ago. "He had me in a head lock, I fell on my back, for a three point near full take-down. I did a reverse, two points, then a...."

I stopped taking notes, here. But the score, by the end of the meeting, was 3-3, Leonard said, adding: "We're locked in a death match."

Saltzman's chief of staff Brendan Finn says his boss is yet to make up his mind about major league soccer.

"Dan just got more detail on the latest deal, he's going to review that before the hearing, but he's looking to hear from the public and has not made a decision, yet," says Finn.

It's understood Saltzman may have concerns about funding public safety instead of soccer.

Mayor Sam Adams was equally tight lipped on his way into Nick Fish's office.

"We're working on it mightily," Adams said. "We're meeting with colleagues on the emerging proposal, and continuing to communicate with the Paulson people through the afternoon. We're working to put together an agreement that adheres to the conditions set down by the task force, and I'm hopeful that we'll get there."

Adams conceded that it's up to council to decide whether the proposal has merit, but at this late stage, the game does still appear to be wide open.