I am newly enamored of the book Haunts of Western Oregon, by Kent Goodman, which came in the mail appeared mysteriously on my desk this morning.

It features oral histories and illustrations of various famous ghosts and haunted buildings, organized alphabetically by town ("Chapter One: Apparitions Abound: Albany, Alsea, Ashland, Aumsville"; "Chapter Three: Cosmic Happenings: Cannon Beach, Cave Junction, Coos Bay"; "Chapter Four: Eugene").

A few image captions give you a pretty good idea of what you're in for:

"The White Eagle Tavern is filled with the ghosts of unlucky prostitutes, but is still a very cool place to visit."

"One of the most terrifying ghosts in Oregon is Bandage Man, who tries to strangle drivers and has even been seen carrying a body over his shoulder."

"Ghosts of little kids are always creepy, and the ones trapped inside this carousel are no different."

I know that someone wants this book. Probably just one of you—maybe two?—but someone definitely does. Email me with "ghost" in the subject line by 2 pm tomorrow and I will send it to you in the mail.