You got options.

White Bird presents Dutch choreographer Anouk van Dijk as part of their White Bird Uncaged series (the above image is from that show). This time, the venue is the Oaks Park dance pavilion, so you could even strap on some skates after the show and bust out your own moves. Just DO NOT drink ANY Goldschlager before roller skating. Trust me. It sounds like a fun idea but it is not.

Imago's new show, APIS, or the Taste of Honey could potentially be very cool. It's an "opera without words," an entirely wordless show in which a prison's workings are superimposed with a bee-based hive system. This could be disastrous, of course, but consider that Imago's shows are always highly stylized, and company is demonstrably deft with nonverbal communication (think their famous tippy-stage production of No Exit, or their kids shows Frogz, biglittlethings). I'm less skeptical about this premise in their hands than I would be in most. And in more Imago news, I just got word that they're in discussion with Broadway's New Victory Theatre about the possibility of bringing their upcoming kids show ZooZoo to New York. Good luck to 'em.

Portland's only all-girl sketch comedy troupe, Eastland Academy, takes the stage after the 3rd Floor's new show. My pal Frayn Masters is 1/2 of Eastland Academy and she is a mighty funny lady; plus, the 3rd Floor's current show is easily the best thing they've done in years—I highly recommend it (read Erik Henriksen's take here). Tickets are $12 for 3rd Floor plus $8 for Eastland, or $10 for Eastland alone (but really, you should see the 3rd Floor show).

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