When I saw the cover of this week's paper, I just assumed the whole thing was photshopped together. Sexy Scott was obviously photographed in one place (maybe in the cage at his go-go dancing job?), sexy Cassandra was snapped in another, that weird obese corgi was adorable clipart and it was all layered over with some fake-wood font.


Then I stopped into art director Justin "Scrappers" Morrison's office and noticed the giant wooden "SEX" cutout in the window. Scrappers broke two jigsaws carving the entire title and Portland Mercury logo from wood. "You're insane!" I said, "Why would you do that?! You could have just photoshopped it." Scrappers smiled. "I know," he said. He then proceeded to show me the hilarious outtakes of the nude shoot, just to prove everyone was really all there together. The fatty corgi, which is Scott's by the way, just wouldn't cooperate!


Portland Mercury: Never underestimate what we will do for art or sex.

More outtakes photos below the cut.



the blue flowers hide the money bits.