Obama: Friend of the Gays? During his campaign, Obama said he would fight hard for rights of gay couples. Now he better pony up with insurance for partners of federal employees.

High speed rail in California! In, uh, 50 to 100 years...

"Long March" in Pakistan: Thousands of Pakistanis march to Islamabad to protest the "anti-populist" president.

No More Secret Swiss Bank Accounts: The decadent home of chocolate, knives, St. Bernards and the set of every spy film since 1957 agrees to help catch international tax evaders.

Chinese Worried About U.S. Investments: The Chinese Premier lectures the U.S. about its trillion dollar deficit. Maybe he should just take China's cash money to Switzerland, then, jerk! Wait, I take it back, please stay.

Republican Chair Michael Steele Raises $200,000 in PDX: And also takes time to clarify that by "women have the right to choose abortion" he really meant "we should overturn Roe v. Wade." Phew!

Jon Stewart vs. "Mad Money" Guy Face-Off: Leaves everyone feeling profoundly uncomfortable.