WTF are the effing Streamy Awards, you say?

The Streamy Awards are the awards given out to the Best of the Best of Web Television (you know, like Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and The Legend of Neil- basically the funny, diverting videos that get you through your soul crushing day working for the man) and today you can begin voting (once per day) for the Audience Choice Award (COUGH*THE GUILD*COUGH) up until the ceremony.

The awards presentation is being held in Los Angeles on March 28 and according to NewTeeVee

The Streamy Awards are co-hosted by, Tubefilter and NewTeeVee, and are the first physical instantiation of the newly created International Academy of Web Television.

The 10 Streamy Audience Choice Award Finalists for Best Web Television Series are:

* After Judgment (Captain Films)
* Dorm Life (Attention Span Media)
* Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (Mutant Enemy)
* The Guild (Knights of Good / MSN)
* The Hayley Project (Tailslating Productions)
* The Legend of Neil (Effinfunny /
* Project Lore (DECA)
* The Shatner Project (Iron Sink)
* Tiki Bar TV (Ministry of Entertainment, Inc.)
* The Wingmen (Lark The Beard)

So get out or in or on the computer and rock the vote or whatever!