One of these Kings is not like the other

Why isn't America watching Kings? The show premiered Sunday night on NBC and apparently everyone was too busy watching Desperate Housewives to sit up and take notice. AMERICA, YOU ARE VOTING FOR BAD TV WITH YOUR STUPID CHOICES PLEASE STOP IT.

I'll admit I didn't get around to watching Kings until last night but that is only because I had to re-watch Battlestar Galactica on Sunday night due to the tequila induced haze through which I viewed it at The Bagdad. But I promise to watch Kings every Sunday night from now until it's canceled because it is FUCKING AWESOME - which is why it will be canceled.

Now, I realize not everyone may agree with my taste in television shows and yes, I have seen every episode of House because that Sir Hugh Laurie is dreamy, but trust me, Kings is good. Like, epically good.

A few examples:

Ian McShane as King Silas
Effing Swearengen from Deadwood playing a corrupt and enigmatic King? You had me at coc*****ker.

A modern day re-telling of the story of King David
Well, um...okay, film it in New York, throw in some awesome political machinations, and a gay subplot and I am there. Instead of biblical, I like to think of it as fantastical.

Young King David - the Shepherd
Destined to de-throne McShane's Silas (King Saul in the Bible story), David is that kid from Eragon! He can ride dragons! Yes, yes please kiss the Princess Michelle passionately on the balcony of the "castle". With tongue. And maybe a little over the sweater action.

Moreover, what I really liked about the pilot, besides the historical/biblical/fantasmimagical elements (which always create an interesting Campbell-ian subtext, especially in regards to folklore and a kind of itching, nagging feeling that you've seen this played out somewhere before) is that it felt more like Richard III than Moses on the Mount and I saw more political intrigue, magical realism, and plot movement within the first hour and a half of Kings then I've seen during the entire final season of BSG. And, okay, when the "crown" of fake butterflies descended on David's pretty golden head signifying his divine right to be King, I liked it.

There, I said it.

You can see the pilot episode here on Hulu.