I want my money back: AIG head Edward Libby testifies today about the $165 million in taxpayer money the company used to pay bonuses. "Tar and feathers liveblog" at Wonkette

US Army - Still Zero Percent Gay: The Army is still firing people for being gay but a handful of West Point grads form their own gay rights group "Knights Out" in protest.

Quagmire, continued: The next hurdle in Iraq? Rebuilding the economy as cheap Iranian imports flood the country.

The Rise of "Google Mistrials": Jurors using Twitter, Facebook and Google in court create judicial confusion.

Cocaine and Rebels: After almost a decade of near-peace, the Shining Path are striking again in Peru.

No Stadium Here! Rose Quarter business leaders aren't psyched about the city's idea to build the future soccer baseball stadium in the district on space meant for new homes and businesses.

Pay to Park: Mayor Adams says the cash-strapped city should raise an extra $2.2 million by ending free parking on Sundays downtown.