I'm just curious. While reporting a story this week about the slew of medical marijuana bills lighting up Salem on the 10th anniversary of the drug's legalization in Oregon, I was surprised to find out that Oregon has just under 32,000 legal medical marijuana cardholders. At a legislative hearing on a bill Representative Ron Maurer (R-Grants Pass) is sponsoring to establish state-run fields and a $98 per ounce pot tax, Rep Maurer estimated that Oregon's 20, 974 patients smoke 10,000 pounds of legal pot a month. "That is a whole lot of marijuana being used in the state of Oregon," he noted. However, Maurer qualified, "I have no clue how much medical marijuana is being used in the state of Oregon every month. I don't think anyone does."

Conveniently, the DHS website breaks down the number of medical marijuana cardholders by county. If no one has a clue how much pot Oregonians are smoking, the DHS records at least show WHERE we're smoking it.

I just assumed that Multnomah County would have the highest percentage of growers. This is obviously because I don't know anything, since it turns out the number of card carrying medical marijuana growers in Southern Oregon counties trumps Portland by far.

Here's the stats:
Percent of Multnomah County residents who are medical marijuana patients or caretakers: 5.3% .53%
Clackamas County - 4.3%.43%
Lane County (Eugene) - 6.9 .69%
Douglas County (Canyonville, Roseburg) - 11.7% 1.17%

And the winner? OF COURSE! Rep. Maurer's home district of Josephine County with 16.3% 1.63 percent of the population registered as medical marijuana cardholders. The county has 4.2 percent of all the state's cardholders which means (if we go with the 10,000 pounds/month totally low-ball estimate) Maurer's constituents alone are smoking 420 pounds of pot a month. This clearly means Josephine County is being ravaged by an insane glaucoma epidemic. STEER CLEAR.