I called Clyde Commons' owner Nate Tilden this afternoon to get his perspective on the exodus of bartenders Tim Davey and Kevin Ludwig, and sous chef Ben Bettinger, who are working to open Beaker and Flask in the near future. You’ll be able to read his perspective tomorrow on Blogtown. But in addition to his take on their departure he gave me some additional news: The organization behind Clyde Commons is planning on opening a charcuterie retail space and wine bar.

This is exciting because, as Tilden pointed out, it’s very difficult to get government certification to make and sell your own cured meat products in a retail setting. Many area chefs have been making charcuterie for their own eateries (which is much easier), but Portland lacks any place for serious home made salumi—the closest thing is Salumi in Seattle.

Meat will be provided by local farms Cattail Creek (lamb), and Square Peg (pig). Tilden is keeping the identity of the chef who will be producing the products close to the chest, but did offer that he was from Europe. Switzerland to be exact.

Tilden said that there would be plenty of seating at the retail space where customers will be able to hang out and enjoy a glass of wine along with cured treats. Watch here for more information as details become available.