I'm convinced that everyone in Japan is made of plastic and LED lights. It's unrelated to this post, but I thought I should mention it.

The Blu-Ray version of fan-masturbation flick Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children hit Nipponese shores a few days back, carrying with it the first playable demo for the eternally "upcoming" Final Fantasy XIII. As befitting our digital culture, some intrepid Youtube user has uploaded essentially the entirety of the demo to the video sharing site, giving us lazy Roundeyes a chance to witness the graphical splendor and obtusely racist character designs of Square Enix's latest.

With four more of these clips past the cut, each weighing in at nearly 10 minutes, it's almost a good thing you didn't have any plans today.

So, collective Blogtown hivemind, what do you think? You're going to buy the thing anyway, but are you actually excited about handing Squenix your $60 this time?