It’s tax day. I’m assuming this isn’t news to you. Chances are you’ve already pored over your forms and receipts, read the tax code in its entirety, hemmed and hawed over whether or not you could deduct the cost of your monthly erotic massage as a “medical cost,” and eventually sent the IRS a check with “Blow Me!!!” written in the notes section. Maybe that’s just me.

Say what you will about filing your taxes, doesn’t it just feel good to pitch in and pay for our governance? No? Well, while you’re waiting for your tax dollars to fund a program specifically designed to make your life easier, here’s a list of places looking to help you out today. I’m not saying anything about the merit of these establishments (I’m looking at you PF Changs) but here’s what they’re offering you for relief on tax day.

Cinnabon is offering free mini-cinnamon rolls.

Taco Del Mar is giving out a free taco to all who ask.

McCormick and Schmicks is offering entrees for $10.40 (half off in some cases) and a list of ridiculously tax themed cocktails.

PF Changs gives you 15% off your bill.

And let’s not forget about the locals!

There’s a Tax Day Party (kind-of) at East Burn, which doubles as a release party for the ecologically minded Green Mammoth Dbl IPA. Pints are $4, there will be some live music and all proceeds will go to “local gardening projects.”

Recession Proof Mixology, from the folks at House Spirits, touches down at Country Cat Dinner House this evening from 5 — 7 pm. It’s not tax day themed, and none of the cocktails have wacky tax related names (thank god), but all cocktails are the usual $5 a pop. Always a great deal.

Finally for those of you who are in a higher tax bracket, Meriwethers is throwing a scotch and cigar tasting this evening from 6:30 — 8 pm. The cost is $25. Space is limited so call for reservations.