Lego Rock Band is not just some bizarre fever dream you had. It's for real, according to an official announcement made this morning.

The game is being developed by TT Games (the folks who put together the awesome, if slightly redundant Lego Batman, Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones games) in association with Harmonix (creators of Rock Band and Guitar Hero).

It's slated to feature a slightly more kid-friendly track listing (Good Charlotte and Pink have been confirmed) than previous Rock Band games, but aside from that it seems to contain the same gameplay simply rehashed with Lego's iconic minifigs in place of Rock Band's stylized humans.

Barring catastrophic delays, it should hit the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii and Nintendo DS this Holiday season.


My powers of critical thinking are a bit impaired thanks to last night's combination of painkillers, teen girls and whiskey, but if I'm grasping these facts correctly it seems like Lego Rock Band's only real addition is a neutered soundtrack.

Given that the entirety of the series' success is driven by its rad soundtrack, how does this make any sense?

Plus, aren't rockers supposed to hate children?

The two groups are like cobras and whatever the plural of mongoose is (mongeese? moongoose?). Whatever happened to overdosing on smack before you spawn any dependents?

If the series truly wants to simulate virtual rocking, it needs to live up to these sorts of possibly-made-up ideals.