Last night's Cinemapocalypse Trailer War at the Hollywood Theatre was a blast! Did you go? It was like being pummeled over the head with three decades' worth of grindhouse sleaze, bad stunts, and hysterical jive talkin'... in other words, the best two hours I've had all month. As far as who won—Dan of Grindhouse Film Fest or Lars and Zack of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema—it seemed to be a great big tie.

The fun continues tonight with the Hicksploitation double feature at the Clinton Street. On the docket: 1974's 'Gator Bait starring the amazing Claudia Jennings and 1975's Psycho from Texas. Apparently Psycho from Texas has an incredible foot chase that you won't soon forget. Me, I'm most excited for 'Gator Bait. Check it:

Yee-haw! Let's do this Cajun style.

Read more about Cinemapocalypse here. Plus there's Ned's extended interview with the Alamo Drafthouse jokesters, Lars Nilsen and Zack Carlson, here.

'Gator Bait & Psycho from Texas
Clinton Street Theater
2522 SE Clinton
Tonight @ 8:30 pm