It's time for another edition of "Good News, Bad News, Good News," the only vaguely regular Blogtown feature that tries to distract you from upsetting information with happy shiny things in the hopes that you all have the attention span of a gnat.


Good news: Batman: Arkham Asylum looks awesome, features the majority of the voice cast from the undeniably rad Batman: The Animated Series, and includes a foot-long Batarang for those who purchase the $100 Collector's Edition.

Bad news: The game has officially been delayed. Reports are varied, but it will either hit retail toward the end of summer or sometime during the 2009 holiday season.

Good news: Noted curmudgeon Alan Moore has absolutely no opinion on this game. Given his tendency to verbally shit on absolutely everything, ever, a "no comment" from Moore is the equivalent of any reputable gaming site releasing a review of B:AA consisting entirely of a picture of Solid Snake blowing Christian Bale.