Remember when we wrote about the Hollywood neighborhood meeting in January where a Northeast neighbor burst into tears over the plans to destroy the iconic Pagoda restaurant and make way for a bland KeyBank building? Local architect John Perkins vowed he would find a way to save the landmark.


Well, last week Perkins completed his research on the building and came to two tragic conclusions.

Tragic conclusion #1: It would cost $76,000 to remove the wood-and aluminum pagoda intact. Wait, if the pagoda is not crafted of pure jade, how did it become that amazing green-blue color?

Tragic conclusion #2: The pagoda's "brilliant color" comes from lead-based paint.

Well shit. Perkins is now looking into whether the Pagoda's design can be incorporated into a nearby bus shelter. KeyBank offered to donate the restaurant's neon sign but isn't willing to rethink its boring, corporate design for the building that involves scrapping the whole faux Oriental motif.