Too big for a regular movie screen.

Trouncing the puny, regular-sized movie screens across the city, OMSI's IMAX Film Festival begins today, and it's an assortment of 16 of the very best IMAX movies; they'll each be playing multiple times over the course of the next few weeks at OMSI's IMAX Theater. Titles include Sea Monster, Everest, Mummies (not to be confused with The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor), Mystic India (not to be confused with Mystic Pizza), The Alps (not to be confused with The Sound of Music), and many more.

Most excitingly, though, is the first Portland showing of Jean-Michel Cousteau's Sharks. What's it about? It's a bunch of sharks. On a giant movie screen. What else do you need to know? Sharks opens May 19. Check out the full OMSI Film Festival schedule here. Tickets are $8.50 adults, $6.50 kids, and shows after 6 pm on weekends are only $6 adults/$5 kids. The film festival continues through June 28.