City Commissioner Amanda Fritz likes process. Lots and lots of process. So much process, sometimes, that even if people's civil rights are impacted as a side-effect of that process, well, so be it. City Commissioner Randy Leonard, on the other hand, hates process. If he wants to stick a 10-foot neon rose on top of a historic city building, well, then he wants his sh_t-damned motherf__king 10-foot neon rose already. Got it? Good.

Let's sit them next to each other!

Yesterday morning, Fritz wanted more time before voting on an ordinance proposed by Leonard and Mayor Sam Adams that would extend the validity of decisions made on land use. With "respect," and you know, I think politicians only use that word when they'd prefer to say something disrespectful, but that's probably just me, Leonard wasn't having it:


Is that tension in the air? "No, we were having a discussion," said Leonard, afterwards.

But I suspect Leonard may well have been still smarting from Fritz's editorial in Monday's Oregonian:

We face the most challenging economic and environmental conditions of our lifetimes. Millions of jobs lost. Ice sheets melting. Unemployment in Oregon at 12 percent. Deadly influenza. Incomprehensible government programs like TARP and the stimulus package. Huge budget gaps in providing services for citizens.

And we're talking about sports facilities and iconic signs?

Let's refocus.

BURRRRRN! BURRRRRRN, RANDY LEONARD! BURRRRRRRN!!! YA'BURRRRRNED!!! Next time I'm tempted to say "f__k you," reader, I now plan to simply utter the words "let's refocus." Way cooler!

Leonard probably isn't too pleased to see that even conservative columnist Dave Lister has started praising Fritz for her "greater independence" on council this morning, either. Lister, like Leonard, has been an opponent of publicly-financed election campaigns in the past. Fritz won her council seat through a publicly-financed campaign. But now, Lister says he likes having someone on council who doesn't have to put up with any 'tude. Any Randytude! In fact I would have preferred it if Leonard had said "Don't make me open up a can of Randytude on you, Amanda," yesterday. Still, there's three-and-a-half more years.