Tonight at the Bagdad, storytelling extravaganza Word to Your Mother features a best-of sampler from local storytelling events Back Fence PDX, Mortified, and True Stories. Storytellers on the docket include local designer Adam Arnold, Metro Council President David Bragdon, novelist Chelsea Cain, LiveWire host Courtney Hameister, and two of the most mortifying of Mortified's past guests, Sarah Hoopes and my pal Greg Gasperin.

They will be talking about moms. I can't decide if it would be a good idea to bring Mom to this or not. I'm leaning... toward... yes? Though lord knows that could backfire.

The whole shebang is co-produced by Back Fence, LiveWire, and Wordstock, plus the ever-excellent Loch Lomond will be providing the jamz. Should be a good time. Read our story about it here.

7:30 pm tonight, $12-15, tickets here

(Full disclosure: My interests are conflicting all over the place here. I've made out with like half of these people.

...Okay, no I haven't, but maybe I kinda want to. What? Though, with humble apologies to my buddies at Back Fence, I shan't be attending tonight—I've seen most of the performers before, and... nerd things are happening. At the Roseway. Maybe even with Romulan Ale, if the recipe promised by @GeekintheCity comes through. Said recipe does NOT involve blue Mr. Freeze. That was a silly guess.)