The amount of interesting theater opening this weekend defies all logic. Seriously, can't you people start a fucking phone tree or something?

We have:

Third Rail Repertory, for my money the most consistent company in town, opens Fabuloso, which appears to be about a grumpy couple whose mundane life is interrupted by someone fabulous(o).

Artists Rep has been really inconsistent for the past couple years, but their production of Chekov's Three Sisters is the most promising offering this season—the adaptation was written by Tracy Letts, who won a 2008 Pulizter for August: Osage County. Letts' Bug, performed by Artists Rep back when we were still allowed to call them ART, remains one of my favorite Portland shows to date.

CoHo Productions has had a terrifically strong season, with well-received productions of The Receptionist and Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune—the final show of their season, The Uneasy Chair, is a period comedy that's been described as a combination of Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett. Which sounds awesome. To me.

Last but never least, the Miracle Theater opens The Shrunken Head of Pancho Villa, a "satire of California farm-worker family life." The Miracle is worth supporting—you're not gonna find Chicano comedies about shrunken heads at any other theater in town, I guarantee it.

Happy theatergoing. (OR you could stay home and work on your Young Spock fan fic. Trust me, it does need work.)