I won't hold it against you if you never played Beyond Good & Evil.

Sure, it was an amazingly scripted game full of surprisingly mature, likable characters, and the overall experience was a textbook example of gameplay done right, but it didn't exactly incinerate the sales charts. You probably had better things to do in 2003, like smoking joints in your dorm room, or trying to convince your friends that you never actually liked Disturbed.

Those CDs you owned? Those were totally ironic. Right?

Your lies aside, some mysterious footage has cropped up, purportedly demonstrating the first live in-game action from its appropriately named sequel, Beyond Good & Evil 2.

Behold, all ye doubters:

Now, keep in mind, nobody seems to be able to get official confirmation from Ubisoft one way or the other, and all my back alley sources are a bit less Deepthroat than normal on the subject, but if this is the real deal, and the game plays like some kind of amazing cross between Prince of Persia, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Mirror's Edge, I will personally punch your mother in the throat to acquire a copy.

You should probably warn her.