I've been bothering the developers at PopCap Games for months. "When will I be able to play Peggle on my iPhone?" I'd breathlessly pant while shoving my Apple-branded status symbol in the face of whoever was tasked with listening to my whining that day.

"Soon," they'd tell me. "Soon."

A tear would form on the edge of my eye, threatening to roll haphazardly down my reddened cheek, but my contact would have walked away by then, leaving me to morosely contemplate suicide as an alternative to the interminable wait.


And then one day (yesterday to be specific) the clouds rolled away, angels from the heavens blasted a resounding trumpet call and Peggle finally came to the iPhone.

I don't want to oversell it, but Jesus himself never crafted a better shoot-balls-at-pegs-to-appease-ironically-cartoonish-animals portable game. And even if he had, it would have been way more expensive than $5.