Hey there's only three more hours left in the photo scavenger hunt challenge! We've got four pairs of tickets to Urban Assault Ride, the crazy bike scavenger hunt New Belgium is hosting on May 31st - you bike around town in the sunshine, completing challenges and getting tipsy, it's a really good time. Tickets are usually $47-$60 but snag a FREE pair by completing our Approaching End Times Photo Scavenger Hunt. You must photoshop together the following list of items threatening to destroy our immediate future:

- A deadly polar bear
- Bristol Palin
- The Gays
- Bluetooth Phones

Also somewhere in the image there must be at least one BIKE. Make it a good one. Bonus points for Portland references in the picture or for incorporating a photo of Mercury art director Justin "Scrappers" Morrison. Throw in whatever other images and gif magic you've got and email your photoshop skillz finale to me by 2:46PM today. Get goin!