For the Approaching End Times Photo Scavenger Hunt!

Yesterday I challenged people to win pairs of tickets to the Urban Assault Ride by photoshopping together four items which are contributing to the rapid downfall of society (deadly polar bears, Bristol Palin, The Gays and Bluetooth phones) with at least one bike.

The winner is obviously Gabe Tiller, NE Portland resident and well-known tall bike builder, for his creative depiction of a deadly gay polar bear comforting Bristol at the end of the world. Note the tiny tattoo of Mercury art director Justin "Scrappers" Morrison featured prominently on said deadly bear's flabby bosom. It's like The Road, but sexier. Thank you, Gabe.


Silver, bronze and talc award-worthy work below the cut.

This guys all win pairs of tickets, too.


Tiago DeJerk snags second place for his inclusion of two End Times harbingers I forgot - Easy Mac and babies.


A haunting, haunting landscape by Alyssa Beers - perhaps the set of Planet Earth 2030?


Nick Albertson brings up the noble rear with a Richard Simmons nod.