At End Hits, we take our show-going duties very seriously. But sometimes we like to mix things up and combine our two true loves in this world: live music and illegal gambling. That was the initial motivation behind The End Hits Concert Challenge, where upon losing a bet, a blogger of ours will be annexed at a show (of someone else's choosing). Also, they must partake in this activity sober, alone, and stay for the entire show. Plus, the added salt to the wound comes in the form of a 500-word review to be published on End Hits.

Yes, it's cruel, but much like the firm hand of discipline we all longingly crave, these concert challenges keep our staff sharp and alert. It also makes us afraid to bet on anything. Enjoy our initial post of The End Hits Concert Challenge, in which Ned Lannamann attends Saturday night's show by second-tier clown-rap duo Twiztid, for a piece called "I HAVE STARED INTO THE FACE OF HELL, AND IT IS WEARING CLOWN PAINT."

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