You know a cinematic genre is ready for the coffin when the Wayans brothers’ decide to spoof it. When a plethora of scary movies hit theaters, Scary Movie popped up. Now, after five or six years of films focused around dancing, Dance Flick is rolling into theaters (it's out today, hit the link for movie times). Granted, incorporating so many films into your spoof while maintaining a consistent, engaging story must get a little difficult. Unfortunately, the Wayans’ Bros weren't up for the task this time — Dance Flick comes off as though they were focusing more on trying to tie in as many dance films as possible, rather than focusing on a story line that flowed with ease.

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But spoof they did. The movie starts with an urban dancing battle (oh, hello Stomp the Yard), followed by the introduction of our main characters, Megan and Thomas, who seem to have been plucked from Save the Last Dance. The list of movie references go on and on, ending with one last, groan-worthy inclusion—surprise! A Twilight reference. The first half of the film is a lot stronger than the second, which loses momentum after shifting from physical comedy to verbal mockery of the other films (a choice that's far less entertaining and infinitely more forced).

All in all, if you love dance movies (says the girl who owns Stomp the Yard) or are a diehard Wayans’ fan you may think this is kind of/almost funny enough to spend $8.50 on. While it wasn’t as bad as I initially suspected, I certainly wouldn't call it "good." But that’s just my opinion; if you were to ask the two hyenas behind me, they would've said it was the funniest movie ever. To each their own.