Tonight at the Green Dragon, Mercury pal Melissa Lion hosts "What the Shit," an evening of dramatic Twitter readings. Now, either that phrase makes you want to find the internet's face and invite it to a punching party, or you think it sounds like a funny, silly, networky way to pass some time. (I am in the latter camp, and hopefully I will see you there.) PLUS. Beer. Who else really kinda needs one? Scheduled start time is 5 pm, but Melissa says they're pushing that back a bit to accommodate the 9-5ers.

Buy Glen David Gold's new book Sunnyside. It's about Charlie Chaplin and WWI and Hollywood and German Sheperds, and it's great. It's new in hardcover, but even though it's an incredibly fun read, it's one you'll want to take your time with—totally worth the cover price, in other words, and at 500+ pages it'll get you through quite a few afternoons at the park. Powell's is only listing one copy left, but Gold'll be in town signing books next Friday, so I'm sure they'll have more copies then. Plus, if anyone wants to snag my advance copy, I'll bring it to the next trivia night—first one to call dibs in the comments.

See The Brothers Bloom. This is a lot of mystery and whimsy to pack into one blog post, but it's an easy hop from Gold's first book, Carter Beats the Devil, to the stylish heist fancy of Bloom. Bloom is weird and interesting in a way that I didn't think movies could really even be anymore, post- every quirky indie movie of the past ten years.

And finally, there is an actual magician performing tonight at Vinideus Bistro. His name is Brian Proctor, and he'll start enchanting your shit at 7:30 pm.