The Onion's A.V. Club (which is where I swiped the above image from) has the scant details on this Sunday's live-action season finale of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, in which T-Pain plays Frylock.

The episode almost didn't air at all and will run with a disclaimer. Why? ATHF co-creator is being vague with the details but has told The A.V. Club, "[Matt Maiellaro and I] were very close to posting the whole thing on YouTube... We did seriously consider it as the last ATHF ever (but of course we got picked up for more)."

Listen, disclaimer shmisclaimer—all I needed to know is that T-Pain is playing Frylock. Admittedly, ever since the crappy movie, I haven't been quite as fond of the Aqua Teens as I once was, but even I know brilliance when I see it. And casting T-Pain as Frylock? Brilliant. Nearly as brilliant, in fact, as the work of art that is the Aqua Teen movie's theatrical poster.


I could gaze at that for hours.

Via Comics Alliance.