I was chatting up some of my Facebook friends last night about (gaaaaay!!) Pride upcoming, and getting some rather unbridled criticisms about the fest ("every year I'm disappointed with PDX's Pride," one wrote), which prompted Pride NW board president Debra Porta to throw out a bombshell of a question, which I reprint here and pose to all of you Blogtownies:

What is it you find disappointing about Portland's Pride festival? And yes that is a serious question.:)

There you have it, people! A serious question about Portland Pride, followed by a smiley face emoticon. Queer or otherwise, what's your beef with Pride?? Have at it.

(PS, tonight I'm heading to something called a "Pride Mixer" tonight at the Portland Q Center, 4115 N. Mississippi Ave., to shmooze it up with some of the peeps in charge of Portland's three separate pride fests: Latino Gay Pride, Black Pride and Portland Pride. Fun! Right?)