Good news for people who like good news.

Shortly after throwing a massive, music-themed, benefit in their honor, the LEP school (that would be the Leadership and Entrepreneurship Public Charter High School) will stay open! Today's Portland Public Schools Board of Education meeting will include the "expected approval" to keep the charter school's doors open, this following an aggressive fundraising campaign that raises close to $100,000. Congrats to all.

The press release is after the jump.

June 1st, 2009 (Portland, Oregon) — On Monday, June 1st, the Portland Public Schools Board of Education is holding a special meeting, to include the review and expected approval of the Leadership and Entrepreneurship Public Charter High School (aka LÊP, pronounced “Leap High”). After much debate, public outcry and a recent appeal, the Board of Education will review the May 20th unanimous recommendation from Superintendent Carole Smith and the Educational Options Committee to renew the charter contract, ultimately reversing the previous PPS Board vote on March 30th, to close the school for financial instability.

The approval from the PPS School Board will solidify LEP High (www.lephigh.org) and turn it’s focus firmly on the future. LEP High Principal, Lorna Fast Buffalo Horse, responded to the news, “We are extremely happy that Portland Public Schools has validated our program, as well as our business practices. We look forward to serving high school students in Portland for a long time.”

During the past couple of months, Portland’s education community rallied behind LEP to save the school’s future. Community events, rallies and fundraising in recent weeks have generated approximately $100,000 in funds, $70,000 in additional grants, media coverage, increased community support, and invigorated a much needed awareness within Portland’s educational community.

Co-Founder and LEP High Instructor, Adam Reid was as happy as anyone to learn of the news from PPS leadership. “We have definitely had our share of obstacles through our start-up process, but every time we rise to the occasion and keep getting stronger,” explained Reid. “Our students and community modeled our school theme and showed true leadership with their actions. They showed that this is truly their school and they will make sure it is as successful as possible.”