Our monthly political drinks and debate night is arriving just in time this month: June's Brewhaha topic is healthcare and this weekend I got my first healthcare plan propaganda in the mail. The mailed flyer came from the AFL-CIO, slamming Oregon Senator Ron Wyden's Healthy American's Act, which requires all citizens to have a private healthcare plan, some of them government subsidized.

The union has gotten crafty and bought a Google ad so that when you search for "Ron Wyden" or "Wyden Healthcare" the very top of the page blares, "Don't Let Wyden Trick You!" Wyden shrugs off the criticism in his own ad, saying opposition comes from "a couple of D.C. labor unions."

But it seems like the criticism has Wyden's camp running scared - they called last week to turn down the opportunity to pitch their plan at our Brewhaha, saying every possible representative was too busy to attend. Apparently, Wyden's crew would rather have an empty chair than answer tough questions... But ANYWAY you'll have the chance to compare Wyden's and the other major healthcare plans in the works for Oregon and the nation (and win fantastic prizes) tomorrow night at Backspace!