So obviously I watched Conan's first Tonight Show earlier this evening (what'd you guys think?), but then something happened that I couldn't have ever, ever predicted: Those clever, amoral, conniving schemers at NBC somehow suckered me into staying tuned for Jimmy Fallon's show, too. Granted, they used a pretty foolproof tactic to do so—dangling the promise of an Anne Hathaway appearance will get me to sit through just about anything, as an unfortunate airplane screening of Get Smart proved last fall—but anyway, to the point: The one benefit to surfing the net while waiting for Ms. Hathaway to appear was finding out that earlier today, at the gaming convention E3, a few more details about James Cameron's upcoming film Avatar came out, via an E3 panel in which Cameron pimped Avatar's tie-in videogame.

Listen, I'm just gonna be honest with you guys. It's late, and I'm not gonna pretend like this is a monumentally important blog post or anything, but facts is facts, and you deserve to be warned: You're just going to have to put up with my ridiculously geeky anticipation for Avatar for... uh... the next seven months. 'Cause fuck, man, look: GIANT BLUE FLYING DEMON THINGS. ATTACKING SOME KIND OF SPACE HELICOPTER. If you don't get the appeal of this—the fundamental, life-affirming beauty of this—then I just don't know what to tell you. I mean, how could that shit possibly be any cooler?*

Anyway, if any of you are as stoked/curious about Avatar as I am, you might wanna head over to IGN, where they have a brief rundown on Cameron's appearance at E3, along with a couple more screenshots like the ones above.


*Yes, yes, I know: One really easy way to make it cooler would be if Anne Hathaway was a space helicopter pilot! And who knows? Maybe she is.